About Us

We are a family company. We manufacture and distribut organic detergents, laundry washing products, bio/natur cosmetics and setting up a franchise network, which unique offering only has bio / eco-conscious products. The products include household consumer goods, bio/eco cleaning products, paper hygiene products, feminine hygiene, baby products, biodegradable diapers, natural cosmetics, eco shopping carts, biodegradable bags, disposable cutlery, products made from bio cotton, as well as selective waste storage systems. We shall not forget about eco-services to be offered in the future; our franchise shops could offer green energy services.

Primarily distributed products: iecologic, Coslys, Ecover, Grazie-Lucart, Rolser.

The mission has a speaking name: “I ecologic”, meaning “I am eco-conscious, eco-minded”, “I want to become one”, “I am a conscious person, who cares about the environment and his/her health.”

The green foot symbolizes the step, which has already been taken by many in the world and in our country in the interest of a sustainable future. We uniquely create the need and select manufacturers, products and services, which serve the customers interest, expectations, comfort and conscious purchases in a quality way.

We distribute the “iecologic” products from our regional warehouse to our partners, giving them the know-how, which is essential in building the franchise system. We offer product and trade communication training for more successful sales. We are not only looking for partners in Eastern, but also in Western Europe.

We are planning to open “iecologic” shops through our mission partners in Hungary in Budapest and in the bigger cities. We believe that this ecological approach will characterize the company of the future.

Our company, as a pioneer, offers an environmentally conscious, fair and also profitable trading opportunity.





We create a uniformed shop design, online shop, caravan – an on-the-road sales system (allowing for participation on fairs and events inside the country and abroad), display division and an ecoclub card program.

We also set up the “iecologic” eco guarantee, which will qualify all of our products and services.

We have plans to start several programs in order to educate the future’s society for environment awareness (for example iecologic board game, fairs, eco exhibitions, etc.) Our aim is to actively contribute to a more widespread environment-friendly approach and lifestyle.

Sustainability is a key aspect in business life; the protection of the environment is inevitably part of the economy. We believe that our mission is a business opportunity in one because of this.

According to domestic and international surveys, near 30% of the population close avow themselves environmentally aware, and in the interest of this are willing to purchase even at a higher price, to make an investment concerned with long-term return (lsd. solar collector, wind power). The trends indicate that demand will continue to rise.

We think that a lot of family-/friend-based business see an opportunity in being a partner of the iecologic mission franchise as a green investor, and let them do something for the sustainable and liveable future and for the health of their environment.